Barb and Star go to Vista del Mar

 The Bridesmaids are back! Comic actor and writing duo Annie Mumolo and Kristen Wiig return to the big screen a comic caper designed to lift us out of lockdown gloom. Recently redundant sadly single sofa-saleswomen and besties decide spend their pay-out on a lifetime dream trip to Vista del Mar, a completely OTT Florida resort. Unknown to them a wicked Cruella-Deville-style devil woman (also played by Wiig) is hellbent on avenging herself on Vista del Mar for a childhood slight by unleashing a swarm of genetically modified mosquitos to annihilate its inhabitants (the sci-fi thing is just silly – but there you are). Her agent in this desperate act is none other than sexy Shades of Grey, Irish serial-killer Jamie Dornan, obviously enjoying himself hugely as he prances round the beach, ripping off his shirt in pursuit of his new love interest…

The whole thing is totally ridiculous, but the redemption of our culotte-clad heroines from their small-time stereotypical lives by discovering their inner sleeves is a romp worth the watch. The show is almost stolen – indeed the opening scene is a classic – by an Asiatic boy, Yoyo (Reyn Doi) who is the gofer for evil Sharon. Oh and the music is cringingly un-politically correct with a tune called ‘I love boobies’ which has been submitted for an Oscar!  It’s not high-brow – how can it be with a talking crab played by Morgan Freeman – and with such a daft plot, but it certainly brightens up yet another evening in front of the TV.  And don’t switch off before the post-credit wrap.

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