Palm Springs

I don’t really know why I agreed to see this film: one, I don’t like comedies, or romances and, two, this is a time-loop  movie, another genre I find rather irritating. Persuaded by good reviews in the press I give it a go. The action takes place in one never-ending, but frequently beginning, day at a wedding. Nyles (Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg) gets romantically entangled with the bride’s older sister, Sarah (Cristin Milioti), a rather fiery heavy drinker, when he rescues her by making her sister-of-the-bride speech in her place. Silly old Sarah follows Nyles – despite his entreaties not to – into the cave which changed his life and joins him in his time loop. Together they go on several rather extraordinary adventures testing his theory that nothing really matters which, inter alia, involve a murderous lunatic called Roy – a great play by JK Simmons – various Texan rednecks in a bar, and several attempts at suicide to escape the loop. Oh and some rather good dancing.

It’s quite difficult to follow all the re-sets which take the plot forward in small increments as more memory is recovered but it does work if you pay attention!  Some critics seem to think the film is an intellectual and witty take on the age-old chestnut of meaning of life, ‘fatalism vs free will’, being accepting or having a devil-may-care attitude. That’s all a bit sophisticated for me so I’ll settle for a romcom which entertains and has some good gags, verbal and visual, and excellent performances. To be honest, there are other films I would rather have seen in BAFTA/Oscar season.

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