I’m Your Man

I’m not usually a sci-fi fan, but to be honest I wasn’t aware that this is a futuristic film – I was swept away by Dan Stevens looking alluring (those eyes!) on the posters. Set in Berlin, Alma (prize-winning Maren Eggert) is a feisty archaeologist desperate to achieve more funding for her work. The quid pro quo is her participating in an experiment to date a robot for three weeks, one who has been crafted according to her specifications for her ideal man.

Enter Dan Stevens as Tom. Their first encounter is not a success as he has a malfunction and has to be returned. Alma is understandably sceptical and grumpy about Tom (was this how she saw her perfect partner?) whose charm and good manners begins to drive her nuts, while Tom’s programming renders him acquiescent to her tantrums, a quizzical smile playing on his lips.

This is a fascinating study of a future which is already being governed by robotics – machines taking the place of workers in Amazon and car factories, for instance. How long will it be before this scenario could really come to pass?

I really enjoyed the unfolding drama, with smartass Tom always knowing the answers, the reaction of Alma’s colleagues and former husband and the inherent tension in wondering how it will end. Deftly directed by Maria Schrader, better known for Unorthodox, and her stunning acting in the Deutschland series which remain one of my all-time favourite dramas.

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