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The Imitation Game

Whoever heard of interview by crossword puzzle? Well, that’s how Alan Turing insisted that his team was selected for the job of cracking the Enigma Code.

Poor old Turing. Arguably he was as big a hero as any of the military commanders in winning the war, but until recently his role has been diminished and overlooked […]


It’s a misconception that true life imitates art. Smartass critics have tried to compare Michael Keaton’s Batman career as a mirror of Birdmanand a genius sleight of hand by Iñárritu. Before we get carried away by this faux parallel of a has-been celebrity trying to rediscover his mojo with a seemingly doomed Broadway production of a Raymond […]

The Theory of Everything

So, if the Golden Globes are anything to go by, which they usually are, it looks like the Oscars are going to be a two-man competition for Best Actor between Eddie Redmayne for his Stephen Hawking, and Michael Keaton for Birdman.

The Theory of Everything, which was 10 years in development, is an adaptation of Jane Hawking’s […]

Gone Girl

Gone Girllives up to the hype. The column miles trumpeting its arrival – the debate surrounding its purported misogyny and claims to be a portrait of modern marriage – have all been hashed and re-hashed ad infinitum. The bottom line is that it is a film noir that self-consciously echoes the very best of the […]

The 100 foot journey

Very appropriate, really, to be sitting in a cinema that stank like a fast-food restaurant when we saw this gastro-pic. (Is this a new genre I wonder?) So bad that the woman sitting next to Husband turned to him and said, ‘God the smell of that popcorn!’ – or was this just a chat up […]

A Most Wanted Man

Adapted from John Le Carré’s book of the same name, A Most wanted Manis a slow-paced spy thriller, which takes as its central themes the West’s anxiety over Islamic fundamentalists and America’s policy of extraordinary rendition in the wake of 9/11. It is set in Hamburg where, in fact, Mohammed Atta lived and plotted, undetected by […]

Blue is the Warmest Colour

When Blue is the Warmest Colourwon the Palme D’Orat Cannes in 2013, Steven Spielberg, head of the Jury, insisted that the two stars (Léa Seydouxand Adèle Exarchopoulos) join the director on the podium. What followed was even more controversial: the author of the graphic novel on which the movie is based, Julie Moroh, claimed the sex scenes were ‘porn’; […]

The Double

If Ayoade’s debut film Submarineplayed mind games with its psychedelic, black humour, then The Double hurtles the brain into a vortex of paranoia.

Based on a Dostoyevsky short story (which I admit to not having read), Ayoade creates a dystopian nightmare where Simon James, a nerdy computer programmer, finds his life is taken over by his doppelgänger, James Simon […]


I had never heard of this movie until June Squibb was nominated for best supporting Oscar. Further, being shot in black and white led me to believe this was a low-budget indy film.  Surprising really, as Alexander Payne has directed big-ticket movies such as Sideways, The Descendantsand About Schmidt.Payne was in fact born in Omaha, Nebraska – where he has […]

Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto have both attracted headlines on the amount of weight they lost for this movie, three stone in McConaughey’s case. While taking method acting to its extreme, it is nevertheless a trivialisation of their respective performances in this heart-rending movie. My money is on them both scooping Oscars.

Inspired by the ‘true’ […]