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The Sapphires

Thank God for Singapore Airlines! I saw the trailer for The Sapphiresin London, but as I was bemoaning in my last review (Trap for Cinderella) if a film doesn’t get enough bums on seats, it disappears without a trace. And so it was with The Sapphires. Puff! Gone…

And what a shame that would have been: The Sapphiresis one […]

Trap for Cinderella

I will declare my hand up front: Iain Softley is a very old friend and we were lucky enough to be invited to Trap for Cinderella’spremière, complete with Q&A with Iain and Kerry Fox.

The film has not had great reviews and, to be fair, it is probably not Softley’s best film – under his belt he […]

Behind the Candelabra

I remember being both fascinated and repelled by Liberace as a child – most likely recalling his cameo in The Monkeeswhere he smashed a grand piano. But it is only now, with the release of Behind the Candelabra, that the memories are reignited. 

It is exactly this ying yang that Michael Douglas captures so magnificently in this tour […]

Before Midnight

Well, what can I say? Here is yet another film that the critics raved over which I found watchable but not enthralling.

The third in a trilogy – Before Sunriseand Before Sunsetbeing the first two – the films chart the stories of Celine and Jesse (Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke) who have a chance encounter in Vienna, go […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

I am a glutton for punishment. Only a week after The Great GatsbyI find myself doing sci fi, a genre I dislike intensely, as my regular readers will know. Husband, however, was dead keen so I had to boldly go to explore strange new worlds. One of the only satisfying moments in this film is Captain […]

The Great Gatsby

I came to this movie with an open mind: I had read no reviews, forgotten the book and the Redford/Farrow movie as well – onset of old age, I’m afraid. So this is not based on either nostalgia or a carping comparison of its faithfulness to Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous work.

The downhill started with the […]

I Give it a Year

What is it with RomComs?  Every time I come away disappointed. I Give it a Year tempted me however, first, because it was an English film (dreams of a new Four Weddings) and, second, because it has some fine actors – Jane Asher, Minnie Driver and man-of-the moment Ralph Spall. But I should have been alerted by the […]

In the House

I admit I was stumped by this film. It started off plausibly enough, with some great opening credits, and introduced us to one of the two leads, Ozon’s favoured actor Fabrice Luchini, here playing Germain, a disillusioned and beleaguered high school teacher – quite a contrast to his last Ozon role as a tiresome, philandering […]

The Place Beyond the Pines

There is no doubt, films are becoming more obtuse. Yet again I had to resort to research to enlighten my poor brain. This time over the title of the movie itself: I came out asking why on earth it was called The Place Beyond the Pines? Thank you, Philip French, whom I normally find rather pretentious […]


At last! An award-winning British film, this time the third by Ben Wheatley, who already has two low-budget black comedy/thrillers under his belt, Down Terraceand Kill List.British through and through, even the screenplay is written by its two co-stars Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. Their performances as a result are utterly convincing and give new meaning to […]