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The Courier

I love a good spy thriller and The Courier doesn’t disappoint, especially on the big screen (yes, we’re back in the cinema again!). Greville Wynne (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a international salesman who comes onto the radar of the CIA, and ultimately MI6, when the former gets intelligence that there’s a senior Soviet official who wishes […]

The Mauritanian

This film has been heavily criticised for being worthy and avoiding the big questions, for the lack of any real baddies, aside from the faceless (masked) torturers. It tells the  memoir of Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim, who found fame in the marvellous prison movie, Le Prophet), the eponymous Mauritanian. Two months after 9/11, he […]

Soho Is

This documentary is a paean to Soho, ‘the most cosmopolitan place on earth, a precious jewel’ according to Robert Elms. In December 2014 Westminster Council closed and repossessed Madame JoJos, that iconic venue which was the heartbeat of the LBGTQI community that breathed life into that ‘golden territory’ we call Soho.

In response local musician and […]