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The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug

Less than a week after having a huge chunk removed form my calf, I am itching for some light entertainment. Flipped between Hunger Games and The Hobbit, and Hobbit won, on the basis that it was a better book than the former and carries so many childhood memories. 

Happily ensconced in the Everyman’s premier seats, complete […]


I am no lover of sci fi but due to the buzz about Gravitydecided to try my luck. Also Cuarón is both a versatile and first rate director and producer of many films, including Y Tu Mamá También, Rudo y Cursi,  The Children of Men, Pan’s Labyrinth(a bit dodgy for me) and, of course, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The good […]


I love James McAvoy – dear little Mr Tumnus, Starter for 10, Atonement andLast King of Scotland – but I have never been an Irving Welsh fan.  I only went to see Trainspottingbecause I also love Ewan McGregor. So what on earth possessed me to go and see this?

My misgivings were fulfilled, I’m afraid. This seedy and bleak movie […]

How I Live Now

Still on a mission to cheer up the mother-in-law after last week’s failure with the aptly titled Blue Jasmine, this week’s outing was a bare notch up from the last. Director Kevin Macdonald is no slouch when it comes to movie-making, and I loved The Last King of Scotlandand Touching the Void, but it is a calculated risk […]

Blue Jasmine

I admit I was taken by surprise when I saw Blue Jasmine.  The bush telegraph drums – yes, dear reader, I was in Africa with no wi-fi, internet or even phone –had extolled the virtues of the new Woody, so on return I rushed to see it, taking mother-in-law who needed cheering up.

Oh dear! Thinking it would […]

What Maisie Knew

Once again, the smaller, niche film triumphs. Be gone Hollywood blockbusters like The Great Gatsbywith all its OTT schmaltz and glitz, bienvenue grade A acting from an ensemble ranging from the famous to the unknown.

I was not sure how Henry James’s eponymous short story would transfer to a contemporary custody battle.  But by telling the story from […]


This week I pay homage to another indie gem that barely made the light of day. Yet again, Singapore Airlines delivers the goods; yet again, I had heard of this movie but failed to catch it on the big screen.

It’s a movie that satisfies emotionally on so many levels: coming-of-age, love, suspense, loyalty, friendship, and […]

The Sapphires

Thank God for Singapore Airlines! I saw the trailer for The Sapphiresin London, but as I was bemoaning in my last review (Trap for Cinderella) if a film doesn’t get enough bums on seats, it disappears without a trace. And so it was with The Sapphires. Puff! Gone…

And what a shame that would have been: The Sapphiresis one […]

Trap for Cinderella

I will declare my hand up front: Iain Softley is a very old friend and we were lucky enough to be invited to Trap for Cinderella’spremière, complete with Q&A with Iain and Kerry Fox.

The film has not had great reviews and, to be fair, it is probably not Softley’s best film – under his belt he […]

Behind the Candelabra

I remember being both fascinated and repelled by Liberace as a child – most likely recalling his cameo in The Monkeeswhere he smashed a grand piano. But it is only now, with the release of Behind the Candelabra, that the memories are reignited. 

It is exactly this ying yang that Michael Douglas captures so magnificently in this tour […]